Similarities and Differences Between Accounting and Bookkeeping

The accounting and bookkeeping are equally very important for the functioning of your business and are needed for various types of businesses.  The process of bookkeeping involves the keeping the record of all the financial transactions and other affairs. There are many online companies which provide this service for you. All you have to hire a bookkeeper and he will be there to aid the complicated financial matters for you.

On the other hand, accounting involves the process of interpreting, analyzing, classifying, reporting and managing the financial affairs including the sensitive data. The difference between the two terms in elaborated in detail below. The basic distinction between the two is that accounting covers the interpreting and analyzing the financial data, which is not done in bookkeeping.

Accounting Process

The process of accounting comprises of the interpreting, recording, analyzing, classifying, reporting and managing the sensitive and crucial financial data of a firm. While the process of bookkeeping is linked with the keeping the record of the financial transactions for a firm.

Keeping the record of a firm’s transactions is one the main and basic part of the accounting procedure. Different companies like Bookkeepers Melbourne can help you a lot in carrying out this process. A Bookkeeper can help you in handling the record of the accounting process. They manage all sections of this process. More details here.


The Bookkeepers keep the record of all the financial transaction for a firm in a chronological pattern for each day. As the accounting software perform many processes automatically, many small companies hire the bookkeepers for classifying and managing the financial data for making the reports. These officials are frequently referred to the full-time bookkeepers and get high salaries as compared to simple accountants.


The accounting involves the analyzing of the financial transactions included in the income statements and company’s reports, according to the accounting rules and regulations, universal standards and needs. An accountant analyzes and interprets the financial data of a company for reporting the financial performance of the firm to aid the business owners in taking important financial decisions.


The bookkeeping and accounting both can be considered as similar service if seen from the eye of an untrained. Both processes are linked with handling the financial data and transactions. For entering into any of this profession, you need to have a sound knowledge of the accounting processes.

A bookkeeper hired in the small company often have to manage the more than just accounting processes and simple recording of financial transactions. He should know how to classify and make reports about these transactions. He may not have that much education, but he should know how to use various accosting software and classification procedures. Visit for hiring highly experienced and well-trained professional.


Qualifying through few accounting courses and having the fundamental understanding of the accounting can make you a bookkeeper. For being an accountant, you should have a bachelor degree in accountancy or a certification of the public accountant. The accountant usually knows the handling of the accountancy. Bookkeepers Melbourne offers the wide range of professionals who know the handling of financial transactions.